When I was still in my teenage years, I have the ability to help my Mother in the kitchen, but it was not my dream to be a chef nor a regular person in the kitchen. It was when I started travelling, & entertaining lots of friends & my family that I began to like what I was doing… buying food in the market, cleaning and preparing all ingredients, and last is cooking… then I began to realized that I am beginning to be inspired by all this gourmet dishes here and there, I started buying magazines and cooking book, just by reading and practicing to cook what I like… and then taste them. Learning new things is not too late.

My husband is very supportive of what I do and he knows it is my passion to entertain, and cooking is nearest to my heart, nothing change, I cook here, there and everywhere, even when we travel to Europe, I start to make things possible to reach the supermarket and see what are all the spices available in the shelves. I start to read the recipes, note them down or download in my iPad as we are in the millennial time of being an expert in modern technology, which somehow I think I am one of them. I download pictures which I have taken during our travel time. It is my learning process to know all of these.

Today I started my online cooking business which is to cater the food which every person who are career oriented, mother in their full task at home, Single men & women who lives alone or with their children, VIP guests to be entertained at your own dining table, And that is where we stand, to make you stress free, keep you away from the kitchen, WE MARKET, WE PREPARE, WE COOK, and WE DELIVER at your doorstep for a minimal fee or it can be picked up, if you are near our area. Nowadays dining in style is reachable and without hassle you can entertain guests or family in an instant and with no sweat. Make your life easy, and you can relax, unwind from your busy life.